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Offline Low-E glass

Low-E glass(Low emissivity glass) is also called low radiation coated glass, it is one kind of special glass which coated with multilayer of very low surface radiation rate of metal or other compounds on the quality float glass by using magnetic sputtering method. It has low thermal conductivity and high light transmittance, ensuring visible light transmittance and reducing light pollution based on prevention of heat losses.
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Low-E glass(Low emissivity glass) is also called low radiation coated glass, it is one kind of special glass which coated with multilayer of very low surface radiation rate of metal or other compounds on the quality float glass by using magnetic sputtering method. It has low thermal conductivity and high light transmittance, ensuring visible light transmittance and reducing light pollution based on prevention of heat losses.


According to glass coating technology , it has online Low-E coated glass and offline Low-E coated glass. Offline Low-E glass is one kind of soft coating low emissivity with a highly efficient energy saving products obtained through the use of the Magnetron Sputter Vacuum Deposition (MSVD) method where multiple layers of metal or nonmetal coats are applied on the surface of a top quality float glass substrate.


According to the structure of Low-E coating, Low-E glass can be classified as single silver Low-E glass, double silver Low-E glass and triple silver Low-E glass, we can supply all of them for double glazed glass in high quality.


The differences among various types of glass is reflected in their spectral data as  shown in the following figure


1.High efficiency in energy saving and environment production

2.High performance in visible light transmittance

3.Stable chemical performance

4.Stable performance in thermal processing.
It is easy for hot bending, tempering or semi-tempering and laminating, easy to process like common glass, and durable.

5.Stable mechanical performance for solid coat, high abrasion and scratches resistance


See the attached parameter data.


Thickness: 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm
Size: 1830x2440mm, 2134mmx3300, 2134x3660mm ,2440x3300mm,2440x3660mm
Colors: clear, grey, green, blue and bronze.

The application is wherever there is a need for enhanced thermal insulation and it achieves optimum performance from double glazing and laminating. It’s widely in façade glazing, window double glazing, commercial buildings, gymnasium and schools etc.


Principle of LOW-E Glass:

Because the heat always flows from the end with high temperature to the end with low temperature, it is easy to flow to outside from inside in winter, but from inside to outside in summer. The coating of offline LOW-E coated glass can effectively inhibit the heat loss, make the sunshine reach the inside and indoor heat obtained from the sunshine and central heating stay without flowing outdoors, therefore, the interior is warmer and more comfortable in winter. However, in summer, it can prevent the exterior heat from entering the room to ensure higher refrigeration performance of indoor air-conditioner and reduce the living cost.

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