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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass (also called toughened glass)is a kind of high strengthened glass is formed by heating glass to the softening point in a horizontal tempering stove and then quickly cooling it with cold air.
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Tempered glass (also called toughened glass)is a kind of high strengthened glass is formed by heating glass to the softening point in a horizontal tempering stove and then quickly cooling it with cold air.

1.Compared with ordinary glass, the performance of anti-impact, anti-bending and anti-temperature-change in tempered glass is raised more than 3-5 times. 
2.When it is broken, it becomes pellet shape and tiny harmless pieces.



The common glass falls into pieces with sharp edges when it’s broken.


The tempered glass falls into small granules when it’s broken.


The broken appearance of heat-strengthened glass.

The broken appearance of tempered glass.


3. Greater resistance to thermally induced stress than heat strength or annealed glass
4.Tempered glass can not be cut, drill hole and some further processing



The standards of products we do:
American ANSI, AS/NZS 2208, BS6206, EN12150, JIS R 3206-1989
doors, windows of buildings, glass furniture, Glass Balustrade and escalator size panels, Windows of motor vehicles ,boat and ships
Glass table tops and show shelves , interior
Places where safety glass is required to be used by laws and regulations
Maximum size: 3000x8500mm
Minimum size: 50mm x50mm
Thickness: 3~19mm
Tempered glass type can be clear , tinted glass, patterned glass and low iron glass.
We also supply curved and tempered Glass.
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