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Silver Mirror

Silver mirror is made through a chemical sedimentation process. A sheet of specially treated silver is coated on quality float glass, followed by a sheet of copper, and finished with two layers of paint for chemical and physical protection.
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Silver mirror is made through a chemical sedimentation process. A sheet of specially treated silver is coated on quality float glass, followed by a sheet of copper, and finished with two layers of paint for chemical and physical protection.
Our mirror products are high quality with a 2-coat paint backing and lead free on high quality float glass. They are produced on German Klopper machines.
Stock sheet mirror is available in standard sizes, thickness from 2mm to 6mm (1/4").
Cut-to-size mirror and mirror with polished edges and beveled edge are also available to suit your requirements.


Beveled mirror 

beveled mirror


1.Low iron mirror(ultra clear silver mirror) is available.
2.Copper free mirror is available
3.Also we supply silver mirror vinyl back or woven back working, including CAT-I and CAT-II 


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